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The new CD project is well under way! My New Son, Chuck and I have been working very hard on getting the tracks laid down, arranging and recording the other musicians, and are moving into phase two… stay tuned for Songs In The Key of Old Crusty Dude.
8/30/2016 5:19:24 PM Left Coast Time
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How the project began…

For the last 5 years or so, I've been playing bits and pieces of songs that I've written for various friends and family, including my New Son, Chuck Bailey.

Chuck would comment on this song idea or that one and kept saying the we should get into the studio and lay some of the tunes down.  I, of course, would say yes we should indeed to that, but we never seemed to find the time… life is funny that way.

One afternoon, not long ago, we were sitting around after a nice family gathering, picking the guitars and singing.  Chuck called me aside and said; "Okay, we've been talking about getting into the studio and recording some of these song ideas for five years now… I'm tired of just talking about it.  I want for you and I to commit to a day each week, where once we finish our work day, we get in the studio and start putting these tunes down."

Since that conversation, we've been in the studio every Wednesday night and have been recording some really good tracks.  We've also finished writing several of the songs, and had numerous musician friends lay down some awesome tracks for us as well.

This is the story of the 'Songs In The Key of Old Crusty Dude' project and all the fine folks who have helped us along the way.

My New Son…

It's not often that I sit in wonder in my old age, but working with and watching Chuck Bailey record, mix, and produce music is a thing to behold.

I've had the opportunity to work with and share the stage and studio with some of the most talented singers, songwriters, and musicians on the planet, but rarely have I ever encountered anyone who is as accomplished as my New Son Chuck Bailey when it comes to the mechanics of recording and working in the studio.

Chuck is a very accomplished musician and producer, and a beast when it comes to sound engineering.  We have come to the point now to where we just about know what each other are thinking, and we hear many of the same things from a production point of view.

Chuck is extremely versed in the latest and greatest hardware and software combinations, and has made the leap from analog to digital recording with vigor and commitment.  If you want some interesting reading about my New Son's credentials, do a Google search sometime on the recording credits of one Charles Bailey.

I have the utmost respect for his work ethic, his talent and abilities, and his companionship in this journey.

Not only am I proud to call him my New Son, the caretaker of my baby girl and my grandchildren, but I am extremely proud to call him my co-producer and potential Grammy winner… as the Great Master often says… we'll see…

Gary Dibenedetto

If you love some good old steel guitar picking, you will love Gary D.  I first met Gary when I was singing with the Cavaliers Quartet, way back in the 1960's.

Gary was playing steel with The Happy Goodman Family, who were one of the biggest touring gospel groups of the time.  The best I remember, Gary was only about 15 years old and was already playing professionally and touring all over the country.  We did several shows with the Goodmans and I had many conversations with Gary back then.

We both moved on and fell out of touch for several years, but then we re-connected in the mid 70's when our respective bands were playing gigs in Middle Georgia.  Since that time, Gary and I have shared the stage and studio on many occassions and I have grown to love and respect him as a friend and musical brother.  Gary lived and worked in Nashville for about 20 years and has now come back home to Mountrie Georgia, where he runs 'Studio D'.

In my humble opinion, he is producing some of the best music that has ever come out of the great state of Georgia, and has enhanced the career paths of many up and coming stars-in-the-making.

Gary has contributed both steel guitar and dobro on the new tunes and as usual, his playing is surperb.  It is truly an honor to have known Gary D all these years and I am blessed to have his time and talent spent on helping to make this project happen.

Dean Donald

Say hello to the one and only Dean Donald, or Dino to those of us who are fortunate enough to know him well.  Dino and I have known each other for nearly 30 years now and I have cherished his friendship, his talent, and his persona.

Dino has been playing for more than half a century, and is by far, one of the finest, most heart and soul drummers I have ever had the opportunity to perform with.

It doesn't matter what style it is, Dino has played it and played it very well.  From crying in your beer country to blowing your hair back metal-rock, he can do it all.

Dino was an original founding member of Atlanta area rockers known as "Motion", and has performed with the likes of Travis Tritt, and many other recording artists through the years.

Dino and I met when we got together with a group of friends and neighbors and formed a band we called "Midlife Crisis".  We played all over the greater Atlanta area for about 15 years and shared the stage with many recording and touring acts including The Atlanta Rhythm Section, Three Dog Night, Leon Russell, and many more.

I refer to Dino as my Brother from another Mother and he truly is.  Thank you, my Brother, for helping me out on this project.

Young Son and New Daughter

Daniel is our youngest Son and is married to our beautiful New Daughter; Heather.

Heather has brought so much love and laughter into our lives, we don't know how we've survived this long without her. It is so apparent when they look at each other, that the love runs deep within the both of them and it is a wonderful thing to behold.

Daniel has been a music fan since before he was potty trained.  He started taking piano lessons when he was about ten years old and is a natural musician who now plays anything he decides to.

He is a talented singer and songwriter, commands the stage whenever he is on it, and spent several years traveling all over the country, playing concerts at various venues.

He has taken some time away from the stress of life on the road, and is spending lots of time with his new bride, building a home life.

Heather is a very talented Event Coordinator and spends a bit of time traveling with her career as well. These two have been best friends since middle school, and soul mates since time immortal.

Daniel and Heather have promised that it won't be too much longer before they start thinking seriously about producing an offspring or two as well. They are both such bright lights for the entire family, we can wait… but not too long we hope.

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